Do you want to organise the most fun excursion with a school or group?


Your students will have an unforgettable day of fun and always safe with our lifeguard team.

The park gives teachers a free entrance ticket for every ten pupils. But there are more surprises.

The bus driver is not forgotten either, who can enter free of charge and will have a free parking space.


The group must consist of a minimum of 20 people and the person in charge of the group will be admitted free of charge.

A special menu for groups can also be arranged.

Reservations for group visits must be made at least 24 hours in advance.


Descriptions RPP 2022
Gr. School children - primary 15,25 €
Gr. HIGH SCHOOL 15,85 €
Gr. Adult 17,50 €
Descriptions RPP 2022
Gr. Adult 17,50 €
Gr. Junior 15,25 €
Gr. Senior 15,25 €

For more information or help booking your visit you can contact us by phone at 954.40.66.22 or by email at