In Guadalpark we have a wide range of Bars and Restaurants, where the quality and variety of their products will not leave you indifferent. From homemade pizzas, menus for young and old, sandwiches, salads, hamburgers and hot dogs, pancakes and waffles, and a long etcetera.


Enjoy delicious kebap and durum at our new food stand, located in the central part of the park.


If you are looking for something different from fast food, you can eat at our Barbacoa restaurant, where you can enjoy grilled meats, fried fish, dressings and salads, etc. Our new restaurant will surprise you not only for its food but also for its new theming, a different place that will surprise you without hesitation.


Enjoy the best burger accompanied by fries or nuggets. Take advantage of our family menu. Remember, we also have menus with a very competitive price for you and your family and a terrace from where you will see the wave pool, where you can feel very comfortable. We will surprise you.


Try our home-style pizzas, assorted sandwiches and menus specially designed for the “little ones” and with the richest potatoes in the whole park. We have family menus designed to regain strength and continue enjoying, without wasting a lot of time. We have family menus designed to recharge your batteries and continue enjoying yourself, without wasting too much time.


For those addicted to sweets and for snacks for the little ones we have delicious crepes with chocolate and freshly made fritters with your favorite topping. Only the smell makes you hungry! The smell alone makes you hungry!


In our ice cream and slush kiosk you will discover ice creams, waffles and slushies of many flavors, perfect to indulge yourself.